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Ethical Decision Making for Professionals
Ethical decision-making is one of the chief responsibilities of leaders in any profession, especially since ethics is a crucial factor in workplace safety, employee engagement, and productivity. This program will introduce the “Four Way Method for Ethical Decision-Making” for working through and communicating difficult decisions with coworkers, clients, and the public.
The Power of Servant Leadership
The key to effective leadership is simple: engaging others in meaningful commitment to a shared purpose.  But what is simple to describe may be difficult to put into practice.  This presentation examines the history of Servant Leadership, describes the principles that inform it, and provides practical advice for becoming more of a servant leader in one’s own life.  Filled with inspiring examples of individuals and organizations who are changing the way America thinks about leadership.
The Good Life: A Practical Guide to Happiness and Well-being
Just about every day somebody comes out with a new article or book on the keys to improve work-life balance, the secrets to better relationships, or techniques to reduce stress.  Yet, much of the advice is poorly researched, inconsistent, and piecemeal.  What we all really want to know is how to put it all together so that we might live a more fulfilled, productive, happy life. 
In this presentation, Dr. Kyte gathers research from contemporary psychologists and organizational experts along with traditional wisdom from ancient philosophers to show how to live a good life, both at home and in the workplace. 
Specific topics include:
  • How to communicate in ways that improve relationships
  • How to reduce stress in times of change
  • How to restore energy and motivation to your days
  • How to build upon your strengths
  • How to improve the environment around you
Building an Ethical Culture in Your Organization
Organizations and professional associations put a great deal of stress on individual ethics, but we know that the chief influence on people's behavior is the people around them.  This presentation looks at effective and proven methods of creating an ethical culture, so that employees can bring their best selves to work, feel more engaged, more creative, and more likely to do the right thing when a crisis arises.  
Citizenship, Service, and Social Capital: Keys to a Healthy Society
Over the past 30 years, American society has seen a steady decline in civic engagement—voter participation, membership in churches and service organizations, and volunteering.  This decline is especially evident in the erosion of “middle institutions”—those places between home and work, where friends, neighbors, and strangers come together in conversation and in service, and which are necessary to sustain a healthy democracy.  This presentation will look at the symptoms and causes of this decline in civic engagement and then propose ways to reverse that decline and restore health to American communities.
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